After the funeral;

As well as looking after yourself, there are important things which need attending to if you are the next of kin of the person who has passed away. If you are executor of the will, you may be advised to seek the aid of your solicitor in probating the will.


There are many people or agencies to notify. You will need to notify some of the following:

• Department of Works and Pensions

• Superannuation company

• Solicitor and/or public trustee

• Banks

• Building societies

• Credit Union

• Financial Institutions and loan companies

• Credit Card providers

• Employer/former employer

• Trade Unions or professional associations

• Department of Revenue and Tax

• Accountant

• Insurance Companies, Life, Accident, Home and Contents,Vehicle

• Doctor, Specialist or Hospital

• Dentist

• Chemist

• Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA)

• Electoral Office

• Medical Health Insurance

• Health Benefits Fund

• Clubs, organisations and associations

• Church or religious organisation

• Homehelp, Gardening services or Meals on Wheels

• Home delivery services - e.g. newspapers and milk

• Post Office for mail re-direction

• Local Government for Council Tax

• Telephone/Mobile phone company

• Electricity and Gas company

Grief Counselling