Arranging a Funeral can be a daunting and very distressing time for the family who are trying to cope with grief.We are here to help you, so give us a call.


A funeral can be either by burial or by cremation. You can organise it with or without the help of a funeral director, and personalise it as much as you wish.


In some cases the deceased may have planned their own funeral in advance. Taking the deceased's wishes into account, remember to check the deceased's will or other written instructions for special wishes about their funeral or what should happen to their body, (However, the executor doesn't have to follow the instructions about the funeral left in the will.)


If there are no clear wishes it's generally up to the executor/administrator or nearest relative to decide whether the body is to be cremated or buried.


Funeral legalities:


The only legal requirement in the UK regarding funerals is that the death is certified and registered and the body properly taken care of, by either burial or cremation.


For further information and advice have a look at the Scottish and UK Government Websites: