Frequently Asked Questions;

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"
Q. Can you conduct a funeral ceremony anywhere?
A. We can officiate at any non-religious venue, including crematoria, woodland burial sites and cemeteries. We cannot officiate in a church or church graveyard.
Q. How personal is the ceremony?
A. We will interview family and friends to ensure that the ceremony is a true reflection of the life and character of the deceased. You can also choose music, poems and readings to suit your loved one.
Q. We don't want a long personal tribute but we don't want religious readings either. What do you advise?
A. We can write a dignified and appropriate ceremony with just a short personal tribute if you prefer. Readings and poems which are spiritual rather than religious can also be included.
Q. We can't decide which music to choose. Can you help with that?
A. If you don't have any particular pieces of music in mind,We can advise you of suitable music, both classical and popular; have a look at out music page.
Q. Do I arrange the funeral through you or an Undertaker?
A. Please visit your local funeral home and speak to the Funeral Director first. He or she will take care of all the practical arrangements, including booking the crematorium or cemetry. Then, they will contact us to check our availabilty. We will liaise closely with you and the Funeral Director.
Q. I am not religious but I would like to include a favourite hymn - is this allowed?
A. Yes. Non-religious people may have favourite hymns or religious music which they would like to have played at their funeral.
Q. Don’t you have to have the likes of a minister at a funeral?
A. No. This is a popular misconception, you don’t really need anyone to officiate.
Q. Can we have a completely religious ceremony?
A. Yes, you can
Q. Can we have a completely non-religious or Humanist ceremony?
A. Yes, you can
Q. Can we have a non-religious ceremony but include a favourite Hymn or Prayer?
A. Yes, you can
Q. Can we have a reading from a Holy book, a Guard of Honour and a poem from “Four Weddings and a Funeral”?
A. Yes, you can. It's all about choices!
Q. What do you believe in?
A. We believe in lots of things but that is irrelevant, what is important is what you and your loved ones believe in.



It’s YOUR funeral YOUR way!


Please, feel free to contact us if you require any further information.