Pre - Planning a Funeral


Preplanning our own funerals offer us peace of mind in knowing that our relatives and friends will neither have to organise or pay for our funerals when we die. Prepaid funeral plans enable us to choose the funeral that we want for ourselves in the future, whilst paying for it at today's prices.


There are a number of large companies offering set funeral preplanning packages. Or alternatively you can adapt one to suit our own individual needs. Generally speaking companies guarantee that whatever the rise is in funeral directors costs, relatives will not pay any increase. However not all of them guarantee to cover increases in the cost of disbursements i.e. doctors, church, crematorium and graveyard fees.


You should check with the individual companies to find out exactly what their preplanning packages guarantee.


Important questions to consider are:


Do they guarantee to cover both funeral directors fees and disbursements in the plan?

Does the plan include burial, if not how much more would that be?

Should the company or the funeral director go out of business what would happen to the plan?

Do the company refund the whole amount paid if you change your mind?

What, if anything,will relatives have to pay?

Are all administration fees included?

Can you choose the funeral director?

What happens if you move home?

Is the company a member of either the Funeral Planning Authority or the National Association of Prepaid Funeral Plans?


Most Funeral Directors will assist you in selecting the right plan for you, either by selling their own plan or pointing you towards specialist companies.